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 Guide to originality.

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PostSubject: Guide to originality.   Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:26 pm

At the Academy we believe that creativity and the use of imagination is vital for this roleplay, we have constructed an easy to use guide to get those creative juices flowing.

What does it mean to be original?

Not copied directly from one of the existing characters or a character from any other source.

How do I get started thinking of an original idea?

There are lots of places you can go for inspiration if you are having trouble thinking of ideas. These are some ideas to help you get started brainstorming. (They can also be fun challenges for your creativity.)
Choose a random word from a dictionary and see if you can make a mutant power out of it.

Choose a random Magic the Gathering card and see if you can make a mutant power out of it.

Choose a body part and base the character’s mutation around that body part.

Choose a random object from the room you are sitting in. Can you base a mutation on that object?

Read up on mythology from different cultures around the world. Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Chinese, Mayan, Incan, Native American, etc.

Choose an animal and base the character’s mutation on the abilities of that animal.

My character’s body is made completely of … (fill in the blank).

Think of something you have always wanted to do. Is there a mutant ability that would enable you to do that thing?

Get ideas from your favorite fantasy book or anime show. (If you base your power on an already existing character, tweak the power to make it your own.)

Think of the type of role you want your character to have. What power would best help them to fulfill that role?

Pick an object that is the most harmless object you can think of (Example: thread, flower petals, teddy bear). See if you can imagine a way to manipulate that object so it would be useful in a fight. Can you think of a power based on that?

Check out the list of superhero abilities on wikipedia for ideas. Pick one you like and personalize it with your own special touches!

Check out Superpowerlist for a massive list of powers, it is being updated constantly.

Can I have multiple powers for one character?

There is a one power limit although secondary powers are allowed but they must have some relation to your primary power. For example a character who controls wind might be able to fly because they are using the wind to lift their body through the air. You shouldn’t put primary and secondary powers together that don’t have anything to do with each other, such as creating illusions and ffire manipulation. Generally C:1 only have control over their primary power, it is not until you progress in classes that you can develop multiple secondary powers.

Balancing Strengths and Weaknesses

At the Mutant Academy we believe that the strengths of a power should be in balance with its weaknesses/limitations. Therefore: the greater your character’s power, the greater we’ll expect your character’s weaknesses/limitations to be.

When making a character, you should consider both the basics, and what would make your character interesting to play (and interesting for other people to play with). Keep in mind that your character must always have weaknesses/limitations that balance their power, no matter how long you’ve RPed them on MRO. Weaknesses like “my character doesn’t have much training” tend to go away quickly; other, permanent weaknesses must still remain once those are gone.

A Few examples

Example A can see the world through sonar, and fire laser-like blasts of sound. Unfortunately, his sonar completely robbed him of his normal vision he’s blind which makes him more defenceless in combat.

Example B can manipulate fire, he fan shoot blasts of fire from his hands and surround his body in flame which projects his body like a suit of armour however he is very week to water, a large source of water could easily suppress his powers.

Example C can bend and manipulate metals, he can shape metals in anyway he pleases however he is defenceless when there are no metal substances surrounding him.

How do I know if my character is too powerful?

Try asking yourself these questions:
1. Can your character be considered a reality manipulator or can your character do “anything she can think of”?

2. Can your character kill another person (either a player character or an NPC) with nothing more than a thought or a touch?

3. Does your character have multiple powers that aren’t really related?

4. Is your character all strengths and no weaknesses?

5. Is your character a god?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are your character might be over powered, meaning their power would not be balanced with the rest of the players.

How do I chose a name for my character?

These are just fun...
First and last name generator (mostly English names)
Fantasy name generator (lots of categories for names, including common names. There also links to lots of other random generators that could be useful if you have writter's block.)
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Guide to originality.
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