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 Daren Mensah

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PostSubject: Daren Mensah   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:22 pm

Out of Character

First name: Eric
Habbo Name: have.a.nice.day

In Character

Character's full name: Daren Mensah
Alias/ Nickname: He doesn't have a nickname currently however years ago when he lived in Nigeria as a young man he was known as "The Miracle". Nigeria is a poverty controlled country, most Nigerians couldn't afford to seek medical help thus they were forced to live with their diseases and injuries until they eventually died. When Daren discovered his extraordinary gift he began curing his village of their diseases and healing them of their injuries. He saved the lives of many people including children without being given anything in return which eventually led him being called "The Miracle" by all those who knew of his gift.

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age:39 years old
Nationality/ Ethnicity: Nigeria
Birthplace/ Home/ Place of origin: Abia, Nigeria

Family Members:
Mother: Hanna Mensah (Fatally stabbed to death when Daren was a small boy)
Father: Emmanuel Mensah (Missing Hanna's death)
Other Family Members: Abebi Mensah (Missing after Daren was taken away by the Militia, Daren joined the Academy in hopes that me may one day find his little sister again)


Hair color and style: He has very little hair, the hair that's left on his head is a dark brown colour.
Eyes: Most of the time Daren's pupils are not shown meaning his eyes are completely white. When healing someone energy is drawn from his body thus revealing his darkened pupils.
Height: 6,2
Build: Daren is quite a tall and muscular individual, he towers over many people in the Academy.
Visible mutation: Apart from when Daren is healing an individual his eyes are white and empty, his pupils may seem to have disappeared to most people however they are hidden away behind the pulsating energy that is stored in his body. Daren's hands are very scarred and bruised, the scars cover his hands and his wrists and stop at his arms quarter length. Every time Daren is forced to cure someone a scar is carved a little higher on his arm. Apart from his hands the rest of his body is in perfect condition.
Other features: Daren's body is mostly clean however he has a tattoo that runs down his spine, the tattoo is in the shape of the symbol his mother used to wear as a necklace which symbolises "hope". Every time Daren feels as though he's going to give up he thinks about that symbol and is then encouraged to press on through his hardships.

Everyday clothing style: Generally a nice button up shirt and a pair of trousers.
Uniform: Daren is very fond of formal clothing, he usually wears a suit when at the Academy with a pair of black leather shoes.
Miscellaneous clothing: None thus far.
Equipment: He wears his mothers necklace at all times, he has never been seen without the necklace around his neck. Not only does the necklace bring him hope in these dark times but he also uses it as a device when praying to his Gods.


Personality: Daren Is an extremely kind and compassionate person although he hardly ever shows it. He can often be a very withdrawn and quiet person and tends to have a negative outlook on life and can at times be quite bitter. He has seen the suffering by both Mutants and Humans, he at times feels their pain and terror which brings him a negative view on life. Although he can be a very stern person he has not once lost his temper. He remains calm and clean headed even at the most depressing times and has only once ever resorted to violence. To say that Daren is a pacifist would be a big understatement. Daren is very intelligent, no he doesn't have a school education he does however have a great knowledge on geography and economy. Daren is a very spiritual person, he is very loyal to his religion and often prays to his Gods multiple times a day.

Hobbies/ Interests: Daren is not a people person so when he has spare time on his hands he often spends it by himself although it Daren doesn't consider it alone time, to him this means he can spend more time talking to his deceased mother and his Gods. Recently he took up whittling, to Daren whittling is a great distraction from reality and he often whittles while speaking to his mother and/or Gods. He is also a very gifted musician and has perfected many different types of instruments. His favourite instrument would have to be his Grandfathers Harp which had been passed down from generation to generation in his family. Daren often says "music is the heart of our soul" which is what his Grandfather used to tell him.

Fears/ phobias/ concerns: Daren fears violence in general, he grew up in a Militia controlled area in Nigeria, his people were often killed by Militia weekly Militia raids. He can become upset and traumatised when he even thinks of violence especially firearms and knives similar to the one that tragically killed his mother.

Special talents: He's a very gifted musician and has perfected many instruments native to Nigeria he is also very skilled at whittling, he often carves small wooden statues of the people who have made an impact on Daren's life.

Wants: He desperately wants to find his sister whom he lost contact with when he was kidnapped by the Militia as a young boy. He

Mental state(crazy or not):
Disabilities/Diseases(Epilepsy, Bipolar, Cancer ect):


Good/ bad/ neutral/ other: (please explain)


Mutation description:
Weaknesses: (every mutant must have a weakness)

Secondary mutation description: (if applicable)
This cannot be any random power, it must be a direct link to your primary power.

Fighting Style:

Methods of fighting:

History Of Your Character

Please write the history of your character and explain when they discovered (if applicable) their power(s).


Sample RP:
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Daren Mensah
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